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What Is Whitebird Logistics And Warehousing?

Whitebird Logistics and Warehousing Ltd (WBLW)is a holistic warehousing and logistics company located in Northampton, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017, WBLW is a leading  third-party logistics provider specializing in full service, client-specific solutions. With best tech solutions, a professional team and customized offerings we provide  services like Warehouse and storage solutions, Repacking Labeling and Kitting, Distribution Services, Assembly Reworking Repairs, Value Added and Optimization Services, E- warehouse etc. 

Whitebird packaging is the most availed service for its best-in-class perfection and on-time deliveries. We customize our business according to customer needs making it the most reliable in terms of services and product prices. WBLW also optimizes the material in many ways to enhance the quality of the product. 

Repacking: The packaging services are provided at an expert level in visual designs. Whitebird packaging aims at the best design in less time and an affordable cost. 

Labelling: labelling is vital in terms of tracking and tracing the visibility of the package throughout the supply chain. Whitebird bird offers a trustworthy service in labelling. 

Kitting: This keeps check on the quality of the product and also helps Whitebird services to check the components, tools, and supplies into packages to support production or maintenance activities at the point of use.

Distribution Services: Whitebird distribution services make it easy to distribute the product as per the client need on time every time.

WBLW’s dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution solutions, combined with tools, and systems ensure cost-effective distribution services, enable businesses to fulfil the commitments to the target customers, anywhere in the United Kingdom.  We specialize in Transportation, Warehousing and Handling, Storage, Logistics Handling and many more services our customers can avail at very competitive prices. Our collaborative effort of people, technology and location allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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