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Assembly, Reworking & Repairs Warehouse Services

Customer Requirements and Business Solutions

Whitebird Logistics and Warehousing Ltd is committed to customer satisfactory services. Apart from all the services offered, WBLW also offers assembly, reworking & repair services. Warehousing services are the most required to undertake the assembly and repair works. While understanding the business which is customised according to the customer requirements WBLW plays a vital role in the supply chain proving an immense benefit to the target customers. It provides services all over the UK. WBLW provides optimized solutions in terms of warehousing to reduce the operational costs and the business costs for the customers.

WBLW has an integrated approach towards warehouse distribution and performance management which yields better results. The integrated approach in processing the new technology and current trends makes WBLW the most reliable on basis of distribution. The service includes many categories.

Get To Know About Assembly, Reworking & Repairs Services

The fully integrated approach and skilled manpower makes it  more efficient to drive and extend the services in technical and manual sorts to reach the expectations based on customers requirements. WBLW is located near all the major ports making it easy to reach any destination or the place of work at a promised timeline. The work and service by Whitebird showcase the strong will and intention toward the commitment and quality service for the needed clients. Apart from all the logistics, warehouse storage and distribution WBLW also offers in site and warehouse repair and assembly services at the demand of customers. The services include vendor carrier performance, static and dynamic replenishment, load building, cross-docking/flow distribution, yard management, site location and analysis, order processing, inbound and outbound, supporting business systems, bar-coding, re-packaging, labelling, quality inspection, kitting and other value-added services. Strategic warehousing is critical for a successful business. Our integrated supply chain solutions optimize and reduce logistics costs for business.

Understanding Your Business

Our philosophy is to understand your business and its logistics needs. This way, we can provide you customized solutions to help grow your business. WBLW’s dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution solutions, combined with tools, and systems ensure cost-effective distribution services, enable businesses to fulfill their commitments to their target customers, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Our Services Includes

Warehousing services
  • Warehousing – import and domestic distribution centers
  • Inventory management and control
  • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling, quality inspection, kitting and other value-added services
  • Order administration
  • Supporting business systems
  • Reverse logistics
  • Site and location analysis
  • Order processing, inbound and outbound
  • Yard management
  • Vendor/carrier performance
  • Cross-docking / flow distribution
  • Static and dynamic replenishment
  • Load building

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