Looking to Rent a Warehouse? – Expert Advice On Rent

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Looking to Rent a Warehouse? – Expert Advice On Rent

No other thought can be as judicious and as considerate as picking up a warehouse on rent. We can get a warehouse on rent instead of buying one and can save a large amount of finance.  

Truly, business expansion becomes easy as the enterprise gets the appropriate warehouse to store goods and inventory in it. But finding a suitable warehouse can be a big challenge.  

As a veteran agency offering warehousing services, we find a lot many advantages when we get a warehouse on rent and we highlight some of such advantages below:

1). Less Capital Required:

When we get a warehouse on rent, (such as a warehouse in Midlands) the business has to put little money into it, as this amount is smaller than one needed in buying it. 

Therefore, with more capital finance, the company can use it elsewhere, such as on advertising, marketing, machinery, inventory etc.

2). Tax Benefits:

The business enjoys tax benefits and in many countries, renting is counted as a tax-deductible expense hence one should draw such benefits, 

3). We can Save On Repairs And Maintenance:

When a business gets a warehouse on rent, through some reputed agency, like White Bird Logistics And Warehousing (WBLW) it can save on repairs and monthly maintenance. 

4). Saves More Time:

Whether the company buys a warehouse or a factory, (warehouse in Northampton) it will confront a range of issues, such as:

  • Finding an ideal location.
  • Getting permissions and necessary licenses from many authorities.
  • Seeking expert architects.
  • Getting construction designs and drawing from illustrious architects.
  • Supervising the facility construction.
  • Filing applications for utility permissions. 
  • Having a team of skilled workers to maintain it.

Such issues are lengthy, and complicated and need a sustained follow-up at multiple levels. 

But such issues simply wither away when a big company (like White Bird Logistics And Warehousing) is roped in which provides warehouses in Wellingborough.  

5). Companies Shift Without Major Effort:

As the business registers profits, it expands to other places and with rented warehouses, the company enjoys greater flexibility to shift and resume operations quickly. 

A Range of Warehousing And Distribution Services:

Save these but when a veteran logistics and warehousing company like White Bird Logistics and Warehousing is chosen, the service scope broadens. We offer a wide array of logistics and warehousing services and even the distribution part too, at affordable costs and have hundreds of hearts since our humble beginning in 2014. 

Numerous service types are offered here, such as:

  • Modernised storage solutions (a step ahead of traditional warehousing)

A new definition to storage and we facilitate cargo storage in containers too, which is a critical factor in supply chain management. 

  • Re-packing, labelling and kitting:

Such is a useful service when a change is necessary for a product design. We have industry experts to look into the matter. In the same scope, barcoding and RFID solutions are provided which fulfill clients’ needs. A broader code verification process is also ensured.

As for kitting, tools and components are bundled for a smooth production process. 

  • Widespread distribution across cities and regions:

For effortless distribution, we have a well-managed freight transportation and distribution network in place. A complete range of warehousing and distribution services right under one roof.

  • Assembly: 

This service is also ensured satisfactorily. We check the quality of the material during assembly and quality testing is ensured. When every component of the product is tested, the result is bound to be perfect.

  • Monthly repairs: 

We monitor the facility and take care of its maintenance when needed.

  • Value-added and optimisation services: We test products and their quality on scores of parameters to ensure they are of standard quality. The modern framework is used for quality testing. 


In short, we are a veteran in the field of logistics and warehousing services and offer swift operations in many regions like Northampton, Wellingborough, and East Midlands and can even cover London. When you think about cutting costs and blending productivity and efficiency in your operations, look to partner with us and we shall flatten your challenges carefully.  

Apart from the mentioned above, we also offer bespoke services specific to clients’ needs and requests. 

For more info and insights, simply contact us right away.