One Of The Best Storage And Distribution Companies In the United Kingdom: White Bird Logistics

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Best storage and distribution companies

The online shopping era has made buying goods ever so easy. Within no time, even the most expensive of items reach the doorstep of the end customer. This boosts customer confidence and trust in the concept of online shopping. Even then, we cannot underestimate the contribution of the Storage and distribution companies.

It is they who ensure that the product reaches the end destination on time. They store the goods in their warehouses and maintain all quality standards while doing so. Not only that, these companies follow all technological processes to see that the customers can track the movement of the article. They are able to store items in bulk and still take care that there is minimal chance of spoiling. Read on to know why we at White Bird logistics are one of the best distribution companies in the UK.

Variety of services offered

While other distribution companies in the UK restrict themselves, we do not do so. Our range of services is comprehensive, and each is handled with excellent care. This is to ensure that there is no failure at any point in the operation. We have an integrated model which offers Pan UK connectivity. Our warehouses are located strategically.

This is done so that we do not waste any time in the procurement of items. We partner with the leaders in the distribution segment. That is done basically to ensure that the other associates cannot let us down and delay the distribution in any form.

Unique Location Advantage offered

It is essential for any distribution company to have its warehouses in the best places possible. We at White bird logistics completely adhere to this principle. Our warehouses are well connected with all the ports and nearby big cities. There is significantly less time taken for the products to reach their end destination. All this happens because of our focus on keeping the location as a priority.

Extensive Focus on the supply chain

The supply chain followed makes a distribution company better from the others. We keep a separate area for loading and unloading. Our processes do not impact each other, and work moves as smoothly as possible. We also use innovative ideas like Flexi forklifts to see that the consignments are not damaged while loading and unloading. Our warehouses are large and equipped to handle a vast bulk of products at one time.

Using technology in the best way possible

The advent of technology has totally transformed our lives. White bird logistics has used the technological benefit to see that their customers enjoy their products before time. At our warehouse, we have state-of-the-art IT systems that track the movement of each product. We also have the latest warehouse ERP module incorporated into our systems.

This module is synced with the customer management system. That is how we are able to keep the delivery and tracking of each product seamless and on time. We also maintain the secrecy of the data transactions and inventory-related policies. The order details and other confidential information remains safe with our encrypted system.

Value-added services are important

It is crucial for customers to get an extra level of support. We are innovators and give importance to this ideology. Our first step in this direction is to quality-check each material that comes to our doorstep. Then we segregate all the materials received as per our set guidelines. After the material reaches the warehouse, we have to recheck the same item for quality.

Next, we follow identification processes and do marking, labeling, and tagging of the shipment. We also handle reverse logistics to see the products return to the original shipper.

Summing up

It is not easy being one of the most successful Logistics & Distribution Services. At White bird logistics, we have to check every step to see that there are no mistakes made. Our team works diligently, and only then the entire journey of the product happens seamlessly. The prime focus of our service is to reduce the shipping and delivery time for a customer. Our established customer base is proof that we have succeeded in this endeavor so far.

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