Safety and security of your goods and products

All businesses want their products and goods to be safe and secure, no matter where they are! It’s the trust bestowed by the customers/ businesses on the warehousing service providers. E-warehousing ltd. keep that trust intact and fulfil all our client promises. The two warehouses with a combined storage capacity of more than three lakhs square feet operate from Kenilworth and Warwickshire, UK. And the best part is you pay only for the space you use!

What are the facilities offered?

a) You decide how your goods are handled!

As a client, you can either deliver your goods in person or through a supplier to one of their nearest warehouses. The company does collect it from your end under extraordinary situations. The warehouses can support labor-intensive activities like handling bulky materials and containers, receive huge pallets and provide individual storage as well.

b) Efficient management of goods
Once the goods are received at the warehouse, the documentation process is done following proper compliance and they are extensively checked for any damage

c) Pay for what you store
The operation is so robust and flexible that customers can decide on how much space they want to use in the warehouse and pay only for that, not less and not more! This type of service is extremely sought out among clients who operate with seasonal goods. This feature creates a niche factor for e-warehousing ltd.

d) It’s always about a clean and neat place
End customers want their goods to be delivered without any damage, bad smell, or dirt, i.e in the best possible condition. The company makes sure that all warehouses are kept clean all the time and stocks are checked for damage incurred during transit or handling.

e) Something special
The warehouses are also equipped to provide special services to their clients. It includes assembling various components, taking care of various items within one order, and handling individual orders as well.