Services provided by E-Warehousing

The warehousing company is not just a storage house for goods. They are responsible for allowing smooth fulfilment of client’s orders. Do you think that they are just responsible for sending orders? You might be wrong. It’s not that simple as there is more to it. They are responsible for the smooth shipping of orders. They look after the goods so that they are neat and clean. This is because customers will always want their goods to be free from damage. It does its best to work out the best delivery option. Want to know more about their services, check the article further.

Services offered by the company

a) Multi-Carrier Dispatch or not?
The best part of their service is that you are free to choose the carrier you are comfortable with. You can choose your provider to supply your contents to your clients. E-warehousing has contracts with most of the main courier and delivery companies. These people or shipping vendors go to their storehouses daily to gather and supply goods.
One should keep in mind the costs, shipping speed, foreign affairs, tracking requirements and so on while making this choice. This helps a lot in the smooth shipping of your order.

b) You can track your order!
What could be the better than having a track of your order? The customers can check the status of their order from time to time. Once the order is placed, the warehouse management system automatically updates the tracking software. The shipping companies utilize this software, and the customers are free to check the order till this successful dispatch.
c) You can order in bulk.
Dealing with numerous orders might be a hectic task for the company. Well no, this is not the case. They are responsible for arranging large items such as containers, pallets and so on. The E-warehousing works on bulk orders very often.