The Various Services by Whitebird Logistics and Warehousing are

  • Warehousing & storage solution
  • Re-packing, labelling and kitting
  • Distribution services
  • Assembly reworking repairs
  • Value-added & optimisation services

Warehousing & Storage solutions

This is excellent and reliable service by WBLW where it offers pallet storage services. WBLW also focuses on cargo storage and containers which takes a major part in the supply chain. It offers door to door services anywhere in the UK.

Re-packaging A reliable solution at WBLW

Re-packaging is an essential service in a supply chain it takes place whenever a modification needs to be made to a product, White Bird logistics and warehousing Ltd has a well-developed palette of repackaging services. We provide our clients very well the quality packaging services.

* We understand that your packages need to be as space-efficient so that you get the best rates as possible; therefore, WBLW offers its customers properly packaged parcels at an affordable cost.

* WBLW delivers its services with utmost devotion and bolsters without any reworking and repairs the product which is assigned to it so that the customer returns with contentment.

Labelling A Cost-effective Service at WBLW

White Bird logistics and warehousing Ltd produces cost-effective barcode and RFID solutions, fulfilling the customer’s requirements. In addition to this, WBLW guarantees quality through extensive code verification processes, it is so feasible and cost-effective.


WBLW provides bundling of components, tools, and supplies into packages to support production. Kitting is one of the essential and most used services in e-commerce fulfilment.

Freight Transportation And Distribution Services–

 Our distribution services are incredible, which is why a lot of customers rely on our services, our services allow you to minimize your investment risks and operational costs react.

Value Added and Optimization Services – 

WBLW checks the service of a product and the quality of the product while testing the material quality of the product during the assembly. WBLW’s quality check makes it beneficial for the client’s supplying materials on DOL (Direct On-Line) basis. At White Bird Logistics and Warehousing tools and the warehousing service is available for their customers at any time.