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Value Added Services

What Are Value Added Services?

At Whitebird Logistics and Warehousing Ltd. It is a work that analyzes the quality of a product along with its service check. The material quality is also checked and tested on arrival in the warehouse which in other words is included under the warehouse services. WBLW is a third-party distribution and warehousing enterprise which is known for its reliable services offered. This 3rd party service provider also avails the tools and warehousing services for its customers at any time and day by the demand. WBLW is a logistics services provider where we customize our business to meet the requirements of customers at reasonable prices.

Optimization And Additional Services Added

The added services include the quality checks followed by testing of materials which are known to be called the beneficial tests of the supply material for the clients on a Direct On Line basis. WBLW is known to be the inventory in customisations for the distribution services in UK.  The value-added services include services like cargo sorting, scanning, re-packaging, labelling, kitting customizations, quality controls, reporting, pallet logistics, shaving/topping off pallets, return solutions, yard management, goods disposal, reverse logistics and many more. WBLW leads on the pace with quality offerings into the world of technology.

Quality control as a value-added service at WBLW is a procedure of goods flow as per the clients’ requirements and the functional aspects of the desired need. On the other hand, the reporting is an internal inventory of customized reports for an extended flow of work in terms of satisfactory results. Pallet logistics and the shaving topping is the most important to consider in WBLW for enhancing the supply chain and destination facilities while providing the warehousing for the stacked cargo goods and transferring the loads in a cost-effective way.

Value Added Services for Clients

Warehousing services
  • Quality Checking of the material received.
  • Material Segregation of the shipment received.
  • Testing of materials post arrival at the warehouse. Such testing are beneficial for client’s  supplying materials on DOL (Direct On Line) basis.
  • Identification Marking, Tagging, Bar Coding, Labeling on material received.
  • WBLW can act as a representative of client business in UK and Europe.

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