What’s behind the growth of third-party logistics?

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third party logistics
The world over, there is a lot of economic uncertainty. The political clashes, as well as the changing market scenarios, have affected all industries. However, the  third party distribution companies are not taking things down. The industry is still on an upswing and not showing any signs of a slowdown. Even as the other markets struggle, the logistics industry is showing promise. Companies are innovating and finding new ways to impress their customers. This has not been easy, but the strategies used hold promise leading to this growth.

Here we will tell you what is making the industry boom.

What is happening in the logistics industry?

After the crash of 2008, the industry had gone into a recession of sorts. Yet nowadays, the manufacturing industry offers loads of scope. Plus, a lot of emerging markets are giving Third Party Warehousing and Distribution the much-needed business.

For instance, automobile companies are manufacturing the parts at a global level. Arranging all the parts at the assembly point is where the logistics companies come into being. Third-party logistics companies employ all resources to aid in the working of such industries. These companies are also acquiring global knowledge to reduce their costs. This, in turn, builds the capital for such companies.

The emergence of new markets

Apart from that, there are new markets that offer more scope. Asia is one market that has proved to be highly profitable for logistics companies. Earlier it was Europe that was the global leader. However, Asia has now taken over, and logistics companies have also realized where the actual power is.


The 3pl logistics companies UK are now collaborating with other carriers. They are forming a bond with other local carriers. With this association, the logistics companies get a fair idea of what is happening in these markets. Plus, they get to know the strengths and opportunities of the upcoming market that they can explore. Talks of takeovers, mergers, and corporate tie-ups are surging as companies try to break operational barriers.

Some more insights

The world over, there is a noticeable shift in how things are done. The 3 party logistics companies are understanding the importance of price wars. No longer would companies be able to convince the customer by offering lower prices. Customers want more than just that from them.

Mergers are on the rise. Companies in this industry have to comprehend the economies of price. We can now see a plateau where the differences in prices are almost negligible.

Moreover, the companies want to offer their clients something more than basic services. They are expanding into non-traditional services. These include important services like Labeling, packaging, and inventory management.

Offering such services expands the growth potential of these firms. The customer base shows an expansion, and there are more opportunities coming the way. With time the same logistic companies would offer variations in these services and gain exposure.

What is in store?

Experts are vouching for the fact that the 3-party logistics industry is not going to slow down. There is a lot of positivity in the industry as no company wants to take things down. The concept of 3pl distribution center is gaining footage. Companies know this is the time to make or break free.

Nowadays, the market is becoming consolidated with a focus on gaining knowledge and using it for the company’s betterment. Whatever this means, it sure is showing exciting prospects for the logistics industry. Technological advancements show that there is a huge growth area. It is just the company’s decision when they would want to explore this and impact their sales positively.